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The Rules

This community has 10 rules. Please read this post in its entirety before joining. Questions? Concerns? Fire away; I'll try to answer them as best I can.

  1. No wank. Discussion implies that personal views will be shared. If you want to be a part of this community, and the discussion that goes on here, you will have to respect that people have opinions. That means authors will have to respect that readers may like or dislike a particular thing they've written. If you cannot help but to take it personally, then don't read discussion posts of your work. As posters, you will have to respect that you may not always agree with each other on certain points. Let's all be grown-ups about this. Because, truth be told, I will get ban-happy on people who can't. I have little to no tolerance for smart-asses, self-interested ego strokers, trolls, or people who just live to cause drama. They piss me off. There was some talk of making this community invitation-only, but I don't like pre-judging people, so membership has been opened to everyone. But I reserve the right to boot anyone I feel is only here to piss in our collective sandbox. If you know what I mean. And I think you do.

  2. Please make your posts friends only. With the exception of this Rules post, no post should be viewable to non-members of the community.

  3. You may join with ONE username. I want people to be responsible for what they say; no hiding behind a little known alternate username when you want to talk about someone else's work. No praising your own story under another username. (Apparently, people actually do this). If any of the mods discover that you are using more than one username to post in this community, then you will be banned entirely. If you want to change the username under which you participate in this community, let one of the mods know.

  4. A fic discussion post should contain a header at the top of the post stating: the name of the story, the author, when the story was written, the type of story (gen/het/slash), and a link to where the story is archived. This header should be viewable to everyone. The poster's comments/reaction to the fic should then be placed BENEATH A CUT. Two reasons:
          a.) We're presuming your comments/reactions will be somewhat long, because we're not allowing people to start up posts just to say "This sucks!" or "This was awesome!", and
          b.) Some authors may want to participate in the community to discuss other people's writing, but may not be comfortable with, or interested in, seeing discussion of their own writing. Keeping commentary behind a cut or in the discussion post's comments insures the author will only see the reaction of readers if they choose to do so.

  5. When you voice an opinion on a story, positive or negative, support it. Comments like "I hated this story" or "I thought this was the best thing I've read in months" with nothing more to back either statement are not allowed. Such comments will either be deleted individually, or if we get a repeat offender, we'll ban you. Seriously. If you didn't like a story, tell us why. What about it didn't work for you? Did you dislike it entirely, or might you have gotten into it more if certain aspects of it had been handled differently? Was the idea flawed from the get go, or did you like the idea, but not enjoy the execution? If you liked a story, the same thing goes. What about it worked for you? Why did you enjoy it so much?

  6. An author cannot be the one to start a discussion post on his/her own fic. The discussion posts are for stories people are eager to talk about. If that isn't one of your stories, then that's just the way the cookie crumbles. However, the fact that no one is discussing your fic may not be because your stories are bad - maybe it's because they don't know about them. Once a month, or at an interval to be determined, we will solicit notice of stories that have recently been written, or older story recs; stuff that people might want to check out. You can respond to such a post with links to your own work, if you like.

  7. The author of a story cannot comment on the discussion post set up for one of their stories. The author of a story cannot respond to comments left by other readers on that discussion post. We want to encourage people to talk about what they got out of a fic, not to have the writer step in and tell them what they were supposed to be getting out of it. Discussion between readers will never get off the ground if an author 'cuts in' to set the reader straight with each comment.

  8. Four days after a fic discussion post has gone up, the story's author may write a 'general response' post where s/he responds to the questions raised and comments made by readers in the discussion post. This is optional. While we want to encourage readers to discuss their reactions to a fic amongst themselves, some readers might also appreciate getting a chance to hear from the writer as well. The author's response post should contain a header at the top indicating that it is an author's response, and should link back to the post discussing the story. The header should be viewable to everyone. The body of the author's response should go beneath an lj-cut.

  9. Writings in progress (WIPs) cannot be put up for discussion. Now, I'm distinguishing writings in progress from a serialized story, or a story that is being posted in chapters/parts. Those are perfectly fine to discuss here. What's the difference? One is in a more polished/finished form (the story that's being semi-regularly updated in chapters) while one is an unfinished, and mostly unshaped piece of writing (the work that's still 'in progress'). If you're unclear on whether something is a WIP or a serialized story, contact one of the mods, with a link, and the mod will make a determination. This isn't meant to be a comm for constructive criticism of works that are still in early development.

  10. Only stories that are posted publicly can be put up for discussion. I realize that cuts into the universe of works that we, as readers, have to pull from, but the rationale behind this is two-fold:
          a.) no one should have to jump through hoops asking a writer to friend them, just so they can read one story and then talk about it. It's been my experience that it can take days or weeks for people to get around to friending someone back anyway, and
          b.) part of the no-wank philosophy of this comm is that people who have put their stories out in public view have, in essence, opened themselves up to discussion of their work. The same cannot be said of people who posted their stories under a friends-lock. If you can get the author to temporarily unlock the story, then you can put it up for discussion. Otherwise, it's not fair game.

    The only time a 'locked' story may be discussed is if it's a story that has been posted friends only to a community, as opposed to in an individual's LJ.

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