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Fielder's Choice
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fielderschoice is a place to discuss real person baseball fic - gen, het, slash. If you're anything like me, while you may leave feedback on a story once you've read it, you don't really feel very comfortable getting into a discussion of the fic right there in the comments to the author's post. fielderschoice is meant to be a place where you can feel free to have that kind of discussion.

It will basically function like this: Read a story you want to talk about, or hear what others think? Start a fic reaction post containing the story title, the author, the story type/rating, and a link back to the story. Place your own thoughts on the story beneath an LJ-cut. People who have something to say can go ahead and respond to your post, or they can follow the link to check out the story for themselves and then come back and talk it over with you. Authors won't be allowed to participate in these initial story discussions, because we really want to give readers a space to talk amongst themselves. Four days after a discussion post has gone up, the author who wants to respond to reader reaction can feel free to put up a general response post.

Before you join, make sure to read the golden rules. There are only 10 of them. It won't kill you.

This community will be Friends Only. You must be a member of the community to view posts.

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Any other good fic hunting grounds? Let me know!

Put to sleep in the summer of 2006...and resurrected from the dead for personal use in the fall of 2006, because waste not, want not. I've closed membership as a technicality, since this journal doesn't exist for community purposes anymore. All entries will remain private/friends only.